Goats in Alaska

While visiting my hometown, we managed to get out on one of my all-time favorite hikes. It is extremely rigorous, as it starts with the 3-mile ascent of Deer Mountain, which moves from muskeg and forest to alpine as you gain nearly 3,000 of elevation. From deer Mountain, it’s another 2.5 miles of ridge walking to Blue Lake. But this part of the hike is sooooo worth it. 360 degree views are just stunning. Blue lake itself is a crystal clear basin of snow-melt that shines sapphire blue – hence the name.

As we were descending down into the lake, I could see a herd of Mountain goats on the slopes of the far side, along what I believe is called Roy Jones Mountain. Knowing I wouldn’t get another chance at this in who-knows how long, I took off ahead of everyone else, scrambled up Roy Jones Mountain, and snuck up along the eastern ledge, where I was able to look down on the herd resting and cooling off in a snow field. The mountain goats here are less tame than in other areas, so when they spotted me, they all got up and started moving off. Here are some shots I managed to get.

After the goats departed, I pulled out my drone for some aerial views of the area, and then headed down for a freezing dip in the lake.

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