Great Egret

I took these photos back in March but never posted them. I was driving in the Skagit Valley and happened to spot this Great Egret fishing in the ditch. I had my camera so I pulled over to get some pictures. It’s somewhat rare to see these birds here, nor did I ever realize that there are fish in the ditches! I watched him pluck two or three out of the water and gulp them down before I continued on my journey.

Cap Sante in the Blue Hour

This image took a total of 42 captures to make. It is composed of three images stitched together, but each of those three is a blend of two – one taken for the highlights, one for the shadows. Each of the two was shot as a burst of seven photos, which were then stacked and averaged to reduce noice. Some basic editing and retouching was done in addition.

Happy Fourth Web Launch Discount!

It has taken me ages to actually get an online web store up and running to sell my photography, and while I think I still need to tweak a few things, I’ve generally got it up and running.

Sooo, I want to kick it off with a Fourth of July discount sale. From now through 9:00PM, July 5th, I’m running a site-wide 20% off discount sale.

Copy and paste the coupon code below and follow the link to the web store. Have a look around!

Discount Code: